Be confident in the productivity of mobile employees

GeoStatus will increase your productivity in the field work and simplify the management of quality your service.
GPS monitoring

Monitor employee movements in real time.

All data about the movement of employees is saved and available on the map in real time.

You can see the operational picture of the day. Where and when the employee started the working day, what tasks he performed and what he is doing now.


Plan field work with reference to geolocation.

Use checklists to standardize and ensure that all scheduled work is completed.

Widget for the client

Allow your customers to observe in real time on the map how your mobile employee goes to it.

At the end of the work, the client can evaluate the quality on a five-point scale and write a review.


A clear work plan is available to the employee in the mobile app.

A detailed list of places you need to visit and a detailed list of jobs.


Thanks to visual reports and analytics, you will be able to comprehensively analyze business processes.

Improve your forecasting accuracy and make informed management decisions.

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